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In the book Flight, by Sherman Alexie, An Indian boy named Michael, travels through time, learning to see things objectively. I believe that the most important theme in this book is seeing things objectively versus subjectively. I feel that the book Flight, is diving deep into the idea of understanding others perspectives. If 10 people see an identical car accident there will always be 10 different perspectives, emotions and belief’s on how or why it happened. Flight, first draws you into Michaels subjective thinking and then continues and finishes on Michaels objective outlook on all situations in life. In my opinion, the first few chapters of Flight, Michael is clearly influenced only by his own personal experiences and feelings. Michael…show more content…
The turning point in Flight, when you really begin to see a change in Michael’s subjective outlook he says, “He pushes down on the controls and sends the plane plummeting toward the water. As we fall, I think about my mother and father. I think about the people I loved. I think about the people I hated. I think about the people I betrayed. I think about the people who have betrayed me. We’re all the same people. And we are all falling” (Pg. 130). Michael for the very first time is thinking in a fully objective way. Michael is actually thinking about the all around picture, his mother, father, loved ones, and people he hated and betrayed. He is not just focused on himself and his self-conscious thinking anymore but about everyone. Later on Michael says, “I think all the people in this bank are better than I am. They have better lives than I do” (Pg. 158). He then corrects his subjective idea by saying, “Maybe we’re all lonely. Maybe some of them also hurtle through time and see war, war, war. May be we’re all in this together” (Pg. 158). So yes he does show somewhat of a continuation of his old way of thinking, but his correction by saying maybe he’s possibly not the only one to be lonely, shows how much he has grown from the

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