Wilbur Castillo: A Career As A Police Officer

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Being a Police Officer can be a dangerous career. Making arrests, investigating suspicious individuals, and occasionally even giving first aid. They patrol city streets and most importantly enforce government laws. There are many tropes and stereotypes police officers can fall into, such as being a “crooked cop” or a cop who abuses their power. I have only met one member of the police force and he is anything but crooked, his name is Wil. Wilbur Castillo is a Police Officer in training for the El Paso Police Department, he wants to first become a police officer then later, work his way up to becoming an FBI agent. He is average height with a shaved head, and a friendly smile. He was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, one of the safest places in the country, and is in love with the city. Wilbur Castillo is a helpful, caring and well-rounded person, he is what all policemen should be. Ever since he was a child Mr. Castillo has had an affinity for helping people, and being a part of a team. ” Basketball was always my favorite, when I was little I’d watch professional teams play on T.V and hope to be a part of one someday. So when high school came around I decided to join the team.” Wilbur said when asked about his hobbies. Group sports…show more content…
Castillo chose police work because he can grow in that career. He is able to serve and protect communities within the city, and later spread to different parts of the country when he advances to work within the FBI. He also shared another comical reason why he chose to work for the government. “When the movie Fast and Furious came out, around 2001, I thought the main guy Brian was really cool. Being able to be a cop and work on a case that involved racing amazing cars really interested me. I know I’d never have the opportunity to work on a case like that but just being a cop would make me feel a little like

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