I Want A Wife By Judy Brady

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I Want a Stereotype In “I Want a Wife”; author Judy Brady begins her essay by focusing on her recently divorced friend. Brady states that her friend is already looking for another wife. This influences Brady to decide that she too wants a wife despite being married for eleven years at the time. She centralizes on the deeds that women are required to do, such as cooking, cleaning, and child rearing, according to stereotypes set by men. Brady continues to define what the term ‘wife’ connotes to her through the utilization of irony, anaphora, and hyperbole. Brady satirizes man’s perspective on the role of women with an ironic tone. She ironically claims that she wants a wife despite belonging “to that classification of people known as wives” (Brady 1). Brady desires a wife because of the benefit that women are expected to be slaves to their significant other. Brady portrays herself to her audience, as a stereotypical man by demanding that her wife would do everything. The irony of Brady enabling herself to the stereotypes creates a humorous tone and enlightens readers that Brady mocks men for the way they interpret women. The utilization of irony shows Brady’s audience that these stereotypes should be condemned for generating inequality.…show more content…
She uses this method of anaphora to convey the selfishness of men who expect their wife to do everything for them. Brady shows her selfish unfulfilled needs as she reiterates what she wants a wife for. Examples of the needs Brady craves include a wife to “take care of the children” (Brady 2), to”take care of physical needs” (Brady 3), and to “take care of the details of social life” (Brady 6). The repetition of Brady’s words creates a stronger emphasis of the sexist way in which men stereotype and treats women. The audience discovers the multiple ways in which women are demanded by men through the repetition of ‘I want a
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