Omnivore's Dilemma Book Report

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The Omnivore’s Dilemma, the only book that made it a taboo to survive. In the book Author Michael Pollan delivers into the darker side of what we eat on a regular. Travelling all across the United States to uncover the deep and dark truth about basically the bread and butter of the American diet. Pollan decides to use his superiority complex to “inform” the readers about the untold evils of corn, chicken, and your very own plate. Based on the topic I am actually surprised Pollan could scare me into being nervous to eat anything. This book’s style it’s written in and the topic presented, I would say it was intended for this exact reading audience. That audience being a college classroom. I believe Michael Pollan wrote The Omnivore’s Dilemma…show more content…
Between the very open discussion possibilities, the topic itself and the writing style. I do honestly think Pollan did a great job in achieving his goals. I mean if you think about it, this class is a true testament in how well the book did at succeeding in its goals. We have had very interesting class discussions and have written over ten papers about this book in half a year. That alone is reason enough to believe that the book is a success when it comes to the discussion objective. As far as changing anybody’s dietary behavior I would say the book falls somewhat short on that part. I can admit the book did have me think more than once about if I should really be eating that chicken nugget meal. Which those thoughts quickly escaped my mind due to the amazing taste of the chicken nugget meal. The book just doesn’t have the ability to change anyone’s normal diet from meat lover to vegan king. Overall I think The Omnivore‘s Dilemma is an amazing book. Well amazing might be pushing it. Yes it is interesting, and yes I think it is a great book for the purpose of our class. Yet I don’t think it’s a good everyday read. I doubt anyone has this book on their top twenty books to get list. The book is made as an easy to discuss debating book for a college setting. Nothing more or less than that. The book did succeed at its job, and I did enjoy the book as

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