Judy Brady I Want A Wife

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“A woman’s work is never done” is a quote that is often used to show how much a woman does for her family. A mother’s world revolves around their families. Mother’s care for their children when they are sick, they make sure the chores are done around the house, and they keep control of the sibling rivalries displayed throughout the house .Judy Brady connects with this quote wholeheartedly . Brady’s essay “Why I Want a Wife” exhibits her knowledge of this quote.She uses her own experiences of being a wife and a mother to relate with her audience and vice versa. Brady establishes credibility by expressing “I am A Wife” to her readers (Brady 229); this one simple statement gives Brady’s audience credence to relate back to the audience’s own experiences. By using ethos in the essay, Brady attracts the attention of the wives reading Ms. Magazine. By stating that she is a wife, Brady automatically gains the respect from the readers because they trust that she will relate to them. However, Brady also establishes credibility with mothers: “And, not altogether incidentally, I am a mother” (Brady 229). Responsibilities that a mother has are different than the ones of wives without children. Since Brady established that…show more content…
For example Brady describes how wives are anticipated to take care of the children: “I want a wife to take care of my children. I want a wife to keep track of the children’s doctor and dentist appointments. I want a wife who will make sure my children eat properly and are kept clean. I want a wife who will wash the children’s clothes and keep them mended. I want a wife who is a good nurturant attendant to my children” (Brady 229). She also continues on to explain the other duties of a wife; Brady tells her readers how wives have to make sure their husbands needs are met along with the children’s. Brady supplies multiple examples of duties that are wives are expected to
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