Katniss Everdeen Character Analysis Essay

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Many times in literature a main character leaves the safety of their hime and undergoes a journey, Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games would be a great example of this. Throughout the book we see a young woman,fight to overcome many challenges to not only survive, but to become stronger as well. She not only goes on a physical journey, she also goes on a mental journey though out the story. The fact that she must face both of these journeys by herself is what impacts the story as a whole. In the beginning of The Hunger Games we learn about Katniss and the world she lives in, a world ravaged by war, now at peace, but controlled by the Capital. We also learn about the Hunger Games, a competition every year where one male and one female from…show more content…
Mentally she goes from a young girl trying to protect her family to a woman who, now out of habit, watches her every step as well as everyone else’s. When she comes out of the arena she is mentally broken and doesn't know who to trust or how to trust anymore. Throughout the games she was constantly being betrayed not only by her friends, but also by the people who control her nation. She lost people who she cared about and were attacked by people who she thought cared about her. It is through both of these journeys that create such interesting and compelling journeys, without her physical journey there wouldn't be a story to tell and without her mental journey the story would be dull and uninteresting. It is truly the mental journey that makes this story so powerful, it shows how a figure head or leaders can destroy their own people and manipulate their beliefs to make them do what they are told to do. It shows just how powerful fear can be. Every story has a main character, just like Katniss Everdeen, that must go on some sort of mental or physical journey and it is this journey that impacts the story to make it

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