Peeta's Identity In The Hunger Games

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One of Peeta’s best characteristics has to be his kind and compassionate attitude. He cares so much for others and has a tendency to put their needs before his own, especially those he loves. Peeta is very affectionate and romantic. He’s also the most creative member of his family, as he decorates the cakes for the windows of the bakery, which later leads him to painting and camouflage, one of his strongest abilities that he uses to survive in the games. A few weeks after Katniss’ father passed away, her and her sister had no food, no money, barely had a mother and were all miserable. Peeta noticed Katniss outside the bakery, gaunt and hopeless. Despite barely knowing her, Peeta purposefully burned the loaves of bread he was cooking, knowing…show more content…
Peeta states from the start of the book that he wants to show that he’s, “More than just a piece in their games,” (their being the Capitol) and that the last thing he wants is for his experience in the Hunger Games to change him. He wants to die who he is, not some weapon for the games to create, manipulate and spit back out like most other victors of the brutal reality show. Unlike Katniss whose main focus is to do whatever she can to survive, Peeta values his identity and purity of self more than surviving the Hunger…show more content…
Like Katniss and most teenagers at one time or another, Peeta has low self-esteem. He believes that he is weak and that his own family wouldn’t care if he died in the games. His main focus while he’s in the games is to help Katniss survive to get back to her family who truly need her and would be broken beyond repair if she weren’t to return, rather than protect himself like most other contestants would. This is purely because he believes he wouldn’t be missed if he died, and everyone would forget about him and move on quickly. The truth is shown in Katniss’ eyes, who frequently states throughout the series that she would be devastated if she lived and he didn’t. Many teenagers have too felt so low of themselves that they have gotten to Peeta’s psychologically unhealthy state of mind which makes the story more

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