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civilization lasted for over 3000 years and rocked the world with its establishments. From pharaohs to breathtaking pyramids, the Egyptians were a very clever lot. The monuments and tombs of their civilization still stand whole today and continue to amaze the tourists they attract. Egyptian society consisted of The Nile, Irrigation, pharaohs and many great lands. The Nile River was the ancient Egyptian’s acquaintance, flowing through Egypt and emptying into the Mediterranean Sea. Every year, the river used to flood. At first, the Egyptians lost their crops and infrastructure but then realised that it overflowed in a pattern. With this information, they began farming close to the edge of the Nile because the land contained tonnes of rich, black…show more content…
These were sacred burial sites of pharaohs and usually contained a lot of expensive jewels and money. The pharaoh’s family, servants and even animals were buried there. This was because the Ancient Egyptian people believed all these things would be needed in the afterlife. The Great Sphinx is a large human-headed lion that was carved from rock. Some believe there were hidden paths and inside the legendary lion, but nothing has been found yet. The Great Sphinx is said to be the protector of the pyramids or the protector of the dead. It is believed he ensures the dead pharaohs make it safely to the afterlife and gives salvation to the dead. The pyramids and the Sphinx were very important monuments to the Ancient Egyptians and Egypt is a very attractive country to visit still today because of these. When thinking about pyramids, the Great Pyramid of Giza comes to mind. This great monument was built at 2584 BC and stands at a breathtaking 139 feet. This astounding structure was built by Pharaoh Khufu. Though this king achieved so much, he is said to have been mean and strict ruler. It is said that slaves were forced to work under harsh conditions until the job was completed. King Khufu was a truly outrageous…show more content…
There were many schools in Egypt but only the wealthiest of people could afford to go. Girls could not go to school, so they were taught how to cook or weave instead. The boys were taught by priests or scribes who were extremely strict. The parents educated the children on life, religion, principles and rituals. It was essential to learn both hieroglyphics and hieratic but not easy. If the students misbehaved, they would be beaten with a cane or excluded. Boys began school at the age of four and completed school at the age of sixteen. However, only the wealthy or noble boys could have the opportunity to learn and the boys who belonged to poor families had to help out on the farm. Overall, education was a honour in Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptian homes were made of mud bricks and straw. Since there were no forests in Egypt, wood was not an option. For poor people, the houses were made of one or two rows of mud brick and began to crumble after a few years. The houses of the rich and noble were bigger, more elaborate and made of stone. They consisted of wells, tiles, painted walls, shrines and

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