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Human Services Careers Human services are not always people first choice for a major. They may never think it is a profession to them, to influence others on a daily life experiences. People who choose to study human services are the ones that use the skills to help, listen and giving advice whether it is an infant to an elderly individual. In the human services field, there are many great jobs position for people to apply. Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselor help those who have an addiction like alcohol, drug, eating disorders and other problem. School and career counselors help students makes the best of their education. Social workers work with people who are going through difficult times including adults and children’s. Probation…show more content…
Their task is to help those who suffer from eating disorders, alcoholism, behavioral problems, drug, and other addictions problems. With human services, their job is to provide therapy and help assistance for the client to recover from their infatuation problem behaviors. Their work environment is widespread such as mental health and community health centers. To become a substance abuse or behavioral disorder counselor they need to know therapy, counseling, psychology, education, training, customer and personal service. Education requirement goes from high school diploma, bachelor degree to a master degree. It requires a lot of job training but all depends where in the field they are trying to get into from level of obligation, and state regulations. In 2012, according to, the salary for substance abuse or behavioral disorder counselor was $38,520 in May (2014). Working in a field like substance abuse or behavioral disorder counselor there are many potential challenges and reward. Challenges that include for the patient to be honest with themselves about their addictions. We want our patient to make thoughtful decisions, making goals for themselves. Patients have hard time accepting these challenges. We as their assistant become frustrated but still continue to guide to make a better choice for them. It makes us worker satisfies when we see progress in our patient not turning…show more content…
We help them with their academic and behavior. Career counselors succor people with the course of making career decision by helping them decide an occupation and education. School and career counselor work in private and public school and even colleges. They even work in career centers, private practices and government agencies. With human services, school and career counseling help those students who are struggling with personal issues, academic, social on achieving their goals and academic potential. To become a school and career counselors you will need a high school diploma to a master’s degree in school counseling or a field related. People who work in school and career counselors will need a license for private practices. According to, the annual earnings for school and career counseling were $53,610 in May 2012. The job outlook for school and career counselors from 2012-2022 is projected to grow 12 percent as fast as the average of all of average for all occupations (2014). Hiring may be limited due to slow growth in local governments and funding in schools. Working in a field like school and career counselors there are many potential challenges and reward. Counselors go out their way to hold group counseling sessions with the students and parents to deal with tragic events. Students who have discipline problem will give you a hard time to work with because they are more likely to attack you.

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