Winston Churchill Is A Hero Essay

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Who is Winston Churchill and what did he do? Winston Churchill was a shamed hero. With him going from war to politics to war back to politics his service for his country is outstanding. Even though he had some faults in his career and in his health he still had a successful life. Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, England 1874 on November 30th Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was born to an aristocratic family. Many say Winston displayed traits of his father, Lord Randolph Churchill. During Churchill’s childhood he grew up in Dublin, Ireland. His nurse Mrs. Everest use to tell young Winston nervously about the fenians. Churchill gathered from the tells that these were wicked people, and there was no end to what they would do if they had their…show more content…
With him growing up in Dublin and his mother Jennie Jerome, an independent-minded New York socialite (). As a child Churchill’s home town mother was his school nurse, mentioned in the first paragraph (). As a child his mother made a brilliant impression upon his childhood’s eye. She shone for him like the evening star. He loved her dearly, but at a distance, my nurse was my confidante. When young Winston would feel alone Mrs. Everest would tend to all his wants and his need (). When he missed his mother he would also pour out his troubles to her, never a day past by where he didn’t appreciate all that she did for him. Winston would also say, “She was my mother when my mother wasn’t…show more content…
In 1895 Winston had become a part of the Fourth Hussars and also served in the Northwestern Frontier. Eventually in 1899 Churchill left the army and worked as war correspondent for an newspaper called the morning post, a weekly conservative newspaper where he was living. Winston was admitted in consequence of having passed the preliminary examinations. While catching the scoop on the South African Boer War, he was imprisoned by the Boers during a scouting expedition. While held prisoner he somehow managed to escape and headlines were in a great boom broadcasting it. He vented pretty close to 300 miles to Portuguese territory in Mozambique. When he finally made it back to Britain and wrote a book about what he

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