Tucson Physical Geography

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The city Tucson in the state of Arizona does not have many temperatures it is either very hot or very cold. The temperature changes take a toll on the physical attributes of Tucson and during those both being very different in climate the physical geography is harsh to all Tucson geography. During summer it gets so hot that all the plants and rocks just disintegrate into nothing and become lifeless. During winter it’s very much the same except the cold just freezes everything off. There is a lot of reasoning as to why the temperatures are like this and the history for example the physical geography has changed through the years because of the climate changes in, which the human population is affecting the climate and physicality. Tucson was…show more content…
The atmosphere of Tucson is usually warm and for the most part sunny. The atmosphere affects the physical geography of Tucson, which is a dry atmosphere perhaps every physical attribute will be rough and dry looking. The fact that Tucson is home of a very dry environment because Tucsonans aren’t close to any water land the town has some areas of drought. “That extra water would come from a variety of new sources; Tucson Water could lease extra river water from Indian reservations or local farmers. Whatever the future source, the basins would be able to hold it”. Having no water makes the atmosphere dry, hot and unbearable but very clear and beautiful at the same time. Living in a dry atmosphere makes it sort of difficult to go to places with higher or low elevation because of the climate that Tucson is at. During monsoon season Tucson has great weather and climate because of all the precipitation and wetness coming from the rain. Monsoon season also makes the climate humid; however, gives Tucson beautiful greenery especially up in the mountains. Monsoon season gives Tucson the chance to catch up from the…show more content…
The dryness makes the physical geography change frequently and quickly. In some areas of Tucson there are some lakes and some water and it rains every so often but since there is not an ocean or remotely close to one it is fair enough to say it is dry. The closest water in Tucson is probably near mount lemon and even then that is a little bit of a drive. Tucson doesn’t have much resource of water from a land resource at least. Living in a town that has barely any water makes it a little difficult because you have to work around that sort of environment. If you are not used to not having a resource for water so close to you than it makes it a little hard because you need that water and your body needs that hydration but when you are in Tucson you are not used to that dry feeling it is hard to get used to. Hydration is very important to the environment because it affects the physical attributes of the earth either the plants will look very lively or very deadly. Humans have affected the physicality of Tucson in good and bad ways. In good ways because Tucson has beautiful landscape and that is all man made and kept. In bad ways because of the harm that people do such as; smoke, diesel engines and walk all over the landscape that has been man made. Zack Guido on September 14th said, ”Scientists combine with modern observations to reveal numerous long periods of glaciations, shorter-lived warmer times,

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