Case Study: Tesla's Technology And Innovation

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Kawai Caroline Maisang Giorgia Case topic and focus: Tesla’s Technology and Innovation Planned case structure: How far Tesla has come, What is their latest technology Hook describing Elon Musk pondering in his office (From interview online?) Model X, Powerwall, Self Driving Although Tesla has only a short history of 13 years, what this company has accomplished has an incredible impact on the automobile industry and shapes the way we commute. Tesla has now become one of the largest manufacturers of electric vehicles with an overall revenue of and US$ 3.198 billion (2014) and 12,000 employees (June 2015). After a huge success of Model S, Tesla launched its Model X in September, 2015. It is considered to be the safest,…show more content…
Taking advantage of its advanced clean energy technologies, Tesla introduced Powerwall which enables individual family to use electricity generated from solar panels. Smart, compact and well-designed, Powerwall not only offers independent utility use but also served as an emergency backup which is cost saving and environment friendly. In Elon Musk’ dictionary, the word ‘easy’ is to used to define problems that majority would consider impossible or at least very challenging to deal with. For example, it is easy to produce a fully autonomous vehicle that could function in any case and on any road. ‘I think we have all pieces, and it’s just about refining those pieces, putting them in place, and making sure thay work across a huge number of environments - and then we’re done,’ Musk said this during the communication to SpaxeX in Califonia and he belives, Tesla is just two years away from reaching this slef-driving…show more content…
Tesla motors filed a lawsuit against the BBC for libel and malicious falsehood, claiming that two cars were provided and that at any point, at least one was ready to drive. In addition, Tesla claimed that neither car ever dropped below 25% charge, and that the scene was staged. On October 19, 2011, unfortunately, the High Court in London rejected Tesla's libel claim. However, the Top Gear website posted a favorable review of the Model S in

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