Human Nature Research Paper

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In my opinion, it is a part of human nature to be conceited, vulnerable, and self interested. It is only through what we are taught, that we as humans can place a cover over ourselves in an attempt to hide our true nature. When examining humans, it is relatively easy to find someone who can be accurately described as conceited; however, it is my belief that the vast majority of people besides those openly arrogant also fit this description. In the early ages of development, children tend to value their own necessities and enjoyment over that of others. Whilst this is partially due to our mind being under- developed, it is also a part of our nature. Even in our adolescence, most children act as if they are more important than every other child.…show more content…
However, this is not our true nature, it is merely an attempt to restrain our desire of entitlement. Our desire is so strong that despite trying to restrain it, each person still subconsciously views themselves above another. This would explain why in some cases people will negatively judge a stranger and think of them in a condescending manner, but when acting towards them, the person will most likely attempt to act in a fair manner. It is programmed in our minds to value ourselves over others, and thus, it is logical to assume that being conceited is a part of human nature. I have met people that thought if confronted with the truth, they would no longer be conceited; however, humans are as vulnerable as they are conceited. When presented with a situation they cannot comprehend, their immediate reaction is to deny it rather than confront it. If they fail to do either, people tend to break down. As a result, some people end up in mental institutions, for all they can do is hallucinate a fantasy in an attempt to deny the truth. This leads me to believe that humans are also
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