Ethnic Nationalism Vs Civic Nationalism

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Moreover, according Shoup, sub-ethnic cleavages by ethnic leaderships reward more extremism among various ethnic groups (Shoup 2008, 2). Often, ethnic extremism provides the path to ethnic outbidding. Ethnic outbidding transpires when an extreme ethnic group as an opposition party promises its constituencies to things that a moderate ethnic leadership cannot and that ethnically based promises attracts its audiences (Milne 1981, 184). Because most moderate governments are compromised of different ethnic parties, they cannot promise ethnically biased promises that they cannot fulfill; they sometimes lose their spot to the extremist political parties that are motivated on ethnic based agendas. However, ‘manipulative leaders’ and ethnic outbidding…show more content…
The difference between the ethnic nationalism and civic nationalism is that ethnic nationalism is more exclusive and dangerous compare to civic nationalism where it is more inclusive of different ethnic groups within a state territory (Wolff 2006, 32). Civic nationalism though favors more culture and language of majority compare to minorities where the major ethnic group’s culture becomes the dominant culture of a nation. In many of ethnic conflicts, ethnic identities in fact compete with the national identities and in such an environment that minority identities become as a sub-national identities (Stavenhagen 1996, 290). If a state promotes culture, identity, and language of a certain ethnic group as national identity in a multi-ethnic society, other identities see the government’s effort as pestering toward their ethnic identities, languages, cultures and histories. Stefan Wolff points out that different identities can and in many cases do coexist peacefully within one another in the same state, however many different nationalism cannot coexist within the borders of a state. Tensions between ethnic identities and national identity may lead to ethnic conflicts because of the competing concept of a nation among various ethnic groups (Stavenhagen 1996,

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