Rough Draft: Adulthood Vs Childhood

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Rough draft: Childhood vs. Adulthood There are some good advantages when it comes to being a child and an adult. Adults have more responsibilities and freedom than a child. Everything is provided for a child by their parents, they don’t need to stress out over income and resp onsibilities. Adults can’t rely on their parents anymore like they use to when they were younger.The older you get the more responsibility you’ll get throughout the years. Children don’t understand the responsibilities of paying bills and other skills it takes to be an adult. Children have it much easier when it comes to responsibilities. The responsibilities of a child are constantly being repeated by their parents in order for the child to follow them. The responsibilities are pretty basic such as chores,maintain good grades in school and behave properly. Children don’t have to worry about anything since their parents provide everything for them in a financial way. But the responsibility of an adult is much different than a child’s. Adult’s don’t have anyone that constantly reminds them of their responsibilities and don’t have anyone to provide for them. Some responsibilities of an adult are going to work everyday and support themselves financially in order for them to have food on the table.…show more content…
They rarely get to experience it since they have to always ask their parents for permission to go anywhere and might have to earn their freedom by convincing their parents with good reasons. Another downside with the freedom children get to experience is that they have a curfew. If the child is not back before curfew, the child will have consequences for their actions. On the contrary, an adult doesn’t have to ask for permission to go anywhere since they’re own their own. If they’re home late, they don’t have to respond or make up excuses to anyone on why they’re

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