French And Indian War Dbq Analysis

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French and Indian War DBQ The French and Indian war was held in mainly North America, versus the French against the British and each side utilized the neighboring Native American to assist them. In 1754, George Washington led a militia of 150 Virginian men to the Ohio River Valley, where he was eventually defeated by the French but was allowed to retreat. George Washington learns from this humbling experience and later serves under English General Edward Braddock, Washington wrote him a letter in 1755 asking if he could learn from him (Document C). The fight in Ohio River Valley was a significant point because it led to years of war in North America and it sparked the Seven Years’ war, that was fought over many continents. Since the Seven Years’ war required Britain and France to use their troops in Europe, the colonists were responsible for fighting in North America, this is also why the colonists used the Native Americans. The war continued on for a couple of years, as the loyal colonists lost their lives, but the real turning point that gave the advantage was when William Pitt came…show more content…
At first, colonists were thrilled that they fought and won a great chunk of land, that they have yet to explore. This all went away with the Proclamation of 1763. In truth, the document was made to work out problems with the Native Americans and prevent wars. Although the colonists did not know this and thought that they deserved the land. Surprisingly, this was not the first time there were disputes of land with the Native Americans. In 1742, Canassatego, the Chief of the Onondaga Nation of the Iroquois Confederacy gave a speech to the representatives of Pennsylvania. Maryland, and Virginia that the colonists were unlawfully settling on their land and destroying the hunting (Document B). Like the political aspect, the anger rose in the colonists and was spurred by Britain with documents like the Proclamation of

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