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Sex on Campus- She can play that game too written by Kate Taylor of the New York Times, wrote this article to shed light on college personal / sexual relationship life from a contemporary female’s perspective. The challenges these young ladies encounter of attempting to locate and maintain a balance of having an enjoyable sex life while focusing on their scholastic and professional objectives. Over an entire school year, interviewed by Taylor, sixty women were in a “Hook Up” relationship. The “Hook Up” defined as a person or persons to have sex with very little emotional ties if any, or a one night stand. The women that were interviewed attended The University of Pennsylvania, and Princeton University. “Hooking Up” or “Netflix and Chill” or…show more content…
Kate somehow states the culture in which we exist has positioned additional prominence on the physical desires more so than our emotional desires, without typing it into her commentary. There exists a narrow variety of women from elite campuses Taylor interviewed for this publication, the women all seem to be from similar economic backgrounds and social backgrounds. This remains as an insignificant cross section of scholastic and professional women on college campus. I would be motivated to identify what reasons Kate Taylor chose The University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University over possibly New York University or Columbia University. Was there a published analysis of the “Hook Up” exclusively to the campus of The University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University to bring her to those schools? A, junior. An eye-catching young woman, M. an athletic freshman with nice legs, Hayley, a blond, a rose cheeked senior, and Mercedes, a junior, all from The University of Pennsylvania, was amazing, personally. It’s a reminder of a pseudo gloomy bank of clouds that remains above the metropolis and the Eagles have never hoisted the Lombardi…show more content…
Taylor should consider removing those words she is skating on thin ice. I think it doesn’t matter your economic and social backgrounds of who is more likely to “Hook Up”. I find that not only did the article seemed to relate the “Hook Up” to alcohol consumption, the author neglected to survey men. Correct me if I stand incorrect, but it takes more than one person to “Hook Up”, then why aren’t men considered in Taylor’s article, unless she wanted to draw attention to her final point of date rape. There are plenty of guys who escaped incarceration for sexual assaults, I still think there are sixty more stories at University of Penn, and Princeton University from males that should be

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