Huck Finn Compare And Contrast

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Huck Finn compare and contrast Comparing me and Huck is that we are a whole lot different .Then again this was in a different time, so we would settle our situations differently .But if we were to be compared Huck is whole lot, outgoing and not afraid of doing bad things that which he knows what most of the consequences are going to be . if I was in any of Huck’s situations I wouldn’t do most of the things he would’ve done for example, Huck joins Tom Sawyers gang , so he can steal .He also thought he was going to hurt people, even though they really didn’t .also Huck didn’t even care about miss Watson. She would care and provide clean clothes for him .But for which I would appreciate what I she was providing me. But also knowing how bothersome she could be I would talk to her about it, as which Huck would sneak out .But that’s also another thing me and Huck have differences he likes to walk away from his problems and I like to work through my problems.…show more content…
He wants to get to get away and live his own life just like how Jim wants to be free in life .Huck also goes his own way, he doesn’t really listen to anyone else he speaks his own mind. Also, when he was stuck in a trouble situation he solved his problem and it was a good thing since he had set himself free of the bad
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