The Fatal Universe: A Short Story

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A story inside a story. "I glanced into the murky water, my fingers trembling. I blinked, getting my eyes used to the dimmer surrounding. "Aren't you something else?" I sighed in a way- somewhat depressed. Speaking to no one in particular. My tongue fiddles around the braces on my teeth, sending the unexpected shivers rolling down my spine, until you can't feel protected anymore." I turned from my novel, the Fatal Universe unable to process my thoughts. As Elizabeth had said, this book was something else. It was a story about a Canoe Trip, or as it said. I turned back to my page, picturing the exact movement I had left Elizabeth. "My eyelids closed, having a grasp of what you hope for in life, fading away from reality until you can't…show more content…
I angrily, but carefully, set the Fatal Universe down on the living room table. I huffed. I knew Thomas would make his way to Heaven, for he had done nothing wrong, except for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. God would take small Thomas in his arms, now. My mother strode in, her heels clicking on the wood. "I'm going to the market, call if you need me. And when I get home, I'm going to have a cart full of chocolate bars!" She joked. "Don't forget you have a doctor's appointment for a physical at one. Dad will drive you." I nodded my head, not hearing a word, shooing them away until later. I read for hours later, picking up and throwing The Fatal universe multiple times throughout the day. I picked up the book, for the last time. This was the last few sentences. "Until my last days-which I will spend happy, knowing I did my best to help my world. But knowingly, I give my story to you; young reader, to finish this journey I have tried to make my own, to edit my stories, from one generation to the next. Pass them down, for someday, A Fatal Universe, that we live in, will become A vision of

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