Discrimination In Firoozeh Dumas 'Hot Dogs And Wild Geese'

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Dumas’s analysis Discrimination is one of the biggest issues we have nowadays. It have affected millions of people around the world. We can see different kinds of discriminations; many people tend to be discriminated because of their religion, culture, accent, skin color, appearance, or nationality. It is a major problem that is very complicated to control and stop it. When a person feels discriminated, that individual tends to be insecure and her/his confident will not be the same. In the text “ Hot dogs and wild geese” written by Firoozeh Dumas, we can see how a Persian parents have to confront this problem and deal with all the obstacles in order to speak good English. The author tells the story of how these parents have tried to…show more content…
Even though Dumas’s father is very shy at college, he has very good reading abilities. As the author points out “My father spoke a private language. That nobody understood him hurt his pride, so what he lacked in speaking ability, he made up for by reading” (9). When people are learning a language, they may show their best skills in several ways. For some people reading is so much easier than speaking. For others, they show their capacities in the language by writing. Everybody has his/her own way to unfold in the language. Dumas’s father seems to be pretty excited with the idea of learning English practicing with other people. However, we see that the author says “His constant attempts at communicating with Americans seemed at first noble and adventurous, then annoying” (9). That insecurity and weakness make him to find another way to assimilate the language, and it was by reading. Dunas’s mother also wants to find a way to improve her abilities. She would want to get use to the language, and a great way for her to assimilate it, is by watching American shows like let’s make a deal and the price is correct. It is obvious that she wants to be adapted to the American language so, that is why that decides to watch American shows because it is an entertaining way to learn the language correctly. They both try to find the easiest form to accommodate with the language. It is not simple to assimilate a new culture and language in which you may suffer discrimination or teasing by people. English is not an easy language, and in countries like The United States in order to assimilate the culture, language, and lifestyle, sometimes you have to face with discrimination because of the multicultural diversity you find in the

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