Comparing My Life To Huck Finn's Life

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My life compared to Huck Finns life is very different, I am going to compare and contrast my life to his is the following paragraphs below. Huck Finns childhood was very rough and unhappy, his dad was drunk and he was a slave to his dad, he was abused by his dad, and hated him. He was very unhappy with his child hood and was adopted by Miss, Watson who tried to make him civilized and proper by making him attend church and eat right at the dinner table. He didn’t like it at Misses Watsons house so he ran away with tom sawyer and lived in the woods. But he stolen by his dad and he ran away run him again. Now I’m going to compare my life to Huck Finns life. My childhood was very happy so it was the complete opposite of Huck Finns I was happy and was loved. I attended church regularly and knew how to eat properly at the dinner table I was very well mannered and was good child, growing up I never wanted to be independent like Huck Finn I loved be around people that I loved and didn’t want to be alone like him, he wanted to be wild and be able to be himself in the woods and didn’t have to worry about what other people thought about him. I don’t think that I would have liked that because I like the attention of other people and like I said before I don’t think that type of…show more content…
Huck’s dad wasn’t a good guy he came around just to steal Huck’s money for booze and was mad at Huck for being able to reading and write and said that the only reason why Huck learned to do that stuff was so that he could be better than his dad. Pap Finn didn’t like that at all so he called Huck selfish and other

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