Huck Finn Argumentative Essay

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I'm Joel Mora Villarreal and I'm like Huck Finn in the book of “Adventure of Huckleberry Finn.” Huck Finn want to have freedom like smoke, not do chores, not wanting to go to school to get education, and doesn't want any manners. I got to choose if I wanted to smoke but I didn't, I want to play sports and save money instead of wasting all of it on drugs when I can save for better things. Plus I saw the things that can happen with those drugs. About chores I have to do them unlike Huck. Hucks dad won't care but my parents will, they will hit me with the belt but that was when I was younger. Now they just yell at me, Latina moms are strict when it comes to their house. I would like to go to school and get education than being on the streets with no one to count on or at home cleaning and doing chores. Getting education is better than being not so smart. We can make a living on ourselves than asking people or family…show more content…
I had both of my parents there for me. They supported me on the most things I cared about. They want me to be active and being able to keep my grades up so I won't struggle on paying for college and getting a scholarship. I hope I don’t have to pay because they charge a lot of money to get in one of those without one. Hucks dad was an alcoholic which is sad because his dad might’ve left him whenever he wanted to and not care about him. Huck never looked up to his dad because he just spent all day drinking somewhere else. Pap tried to take Hucks money but Huck was being smart and gave to Judge Thatcher to keep it safe. Pap would’ve spent it all on alcohol and not give anything to Huck. My parents drink when we go to parties because they are trying to have fun with their friends but since we moved they don’t drink because people here try to put everyone in jail. Where I’m from everyone is nice and don’t care what you do because we all knew each other. Either than that my parents didn’t

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