Huck Finn Compare And Contrast Essay

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In class we are reading the story Huck Finn, which was written by Mark Twain. In this essay I will be writing about the similarities and differences between Huck Finn and myself. The first similarity is the desire for freedom and the first difference is that I have never ran away. The second similarity is that our dads are alcoholics and the second difference is that I value education. The third similarity is we both have father figure in our lives and the third difference that I am religious. I chose the desire for freedom as my first similarity because the desire to be free between Huck and I is similar but different. In Huck’s mind I think that he wants have more freedom because he doesn’t want anyone to tell him what to do. But in my mind I want more freedom so that I can live in the world and not be afraid of doing something wrong. At the same time I think that freedom has to be earned. What I mean by that is to get freedom you have to follow the rules and by following the rules you get more things handed to you. You can’t just take freedom it has to be earned! I chose I have never ran away as my first…show more content…
When I was little (maybe about 7 years old) my dad would drink to the point that he wouldn’t even know my name. My dad and my mom would get into plenty of fights because my mom wanted to do what was best for me and wanted him to stop drinking. This is the same situation for Huck except his dad was an abusive drunk. I chose that I value my education for my second difference because I do value my education. Huck doesn’t so much like the thought of school but I think that education is important so you can be all that you can be. Having all the education that I need would make me feel like I have worth. I could help people without needing anything but my brain. I could know how to do things and not look stupid. I could call myself smart and mean

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