How Would There Be America Without Immigration

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Immigration throughout history has been and is crucial to America's growth and development. This statement says that America has developed a lot based on people immigrating to this country. It is true that America would not “be” America if we never had immigrants. America did develop a lot through immigration, and we are not a country of only one type of person. We are considered a melting pot of cultures by a lot of people. We have a huge variety of ethnicities within our 50 states and this is okay. Without immigration America would not be America and we would just be a very boring country with very little culture America is full of immigrants and yet still we are a county that is standing strong. When we first came to America we were the immigrants. We were weird people who came from a land that the Indians had no clue about. This is why I believe that America would be nothing without the immigration that had happened through the entire time of America and its people. To the Indians we were immigrants, we were a people who had disease strange clothes and weird skin. To them we were the "aliens" and unknown people coming to their land America was completely built on immigration, and without it America would be nothing. Of course the Indians would have developed over some amount of…show more content…
A lot of America has been sprouted on and through immigration. We would have a very small amount of people in America compared to the amount of people that we have today if immigration was never a thing. America seems to thrive off of immigration. Some people may argue that America has no use for immigration, but it has helped us grow substantialy. immigration is important because it helps us spread our culture in america. this helps us be a better country in the long run and helps us understand more about the

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