Chipotle Mexican Grill: Business Analysis

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Since this is my passion blog, after all, I would like to reference one of my secondary passions for my first true post: Chipotle Mexican Grill. While at first Chipotle might seem like just another name on a list of greasy, indigestion inducing fast food restaurants, the company employs a marketing technique on their social media accounts that is often referred to as the golden circle. The premise of the golden circle is not to tell consumers what your product is, or how you make your product, but rather to tell them why you make your product. To reach consumers and to influence them to purchase your product, you must first align them with your company’s vision for change. The vision for change that Chipotle endorses is their goal to serve food that is free of genetically modified organisms (or GMOs). To attract customers to Chipotle’s stores, the company advocates their…show more content…
Rather than adhering to typical franchise fast food restaurant practices, and having frozen, pre-cooked food shipped to them weekly, Chipotle prepares each of their products in-house, using cooking techniques that many of us utilize in our own homes. By using these techniques, Chipotle is able to strengthen their credibility as a brand, likening their foods to the “home cooking” of our mothers and grandmothers that we all yearn for. Rather than simply another option to add variety to workweek lunch breaks, Chipotle becomes a gateway back to the fresh-prepared meals of our childhoods, with meats fresh from the butcher shop and produce fresh from the garden in the backyard. Another message that the company has produced is as follows: [insert photo here] “Chop, chop, fresh.” —@Chipotle

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