Katniss Everdeen Character Traits

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“For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.” (114) In the movie based on the novel, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. The annual district games has put Katniss Everdeen into its harsh competition against 23 other tributes. Katniss’s manipulative, protective, and careful traits lead her through The Games ending the competition in her victory Katniss’s manipulative character in The Hunger Games helps her trick her competition from the other district tributes in the arena into following her supposed “camp fire” trail. Katniss uses her manipulative behavior to convince people into seeing and believing the first thing they think can be linked to her location. In the arena, Katniss with her ally Rue from district 11 lays a trap by having Rue create a small fire to draw her enemies away from a pile of supplies they were guarding. With her plan being a success, she lures the enemy team away towards the fake trail. She then shoots the supplies from a distance after noticing that around the supplies is a mine field. She shoots the supplies to assure no one can get the supplies, this move helps her make sure the enemy does not have an advantage over her.…show more content…
During the reaping for the games, her sister Prim is originally called as the female tribute. Katniss’s believed she had a better chance than her sister to make it, so she volunteered in her place. This sacrifice helped Katniss push through the game so she could go back home to Prim, her mother, and Gale. Prim had made her promise to win the games because she believed she was good at hunting. Katniss is very protective over Prim also because of their father’s death, she has become very watchful over Prim making sure she has food to eat, even if that means going over the boarder lines with Gale to hunt
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