Argumentative Essay On Immigration Reform

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The United States of America is a nation of immigrants. For years, immigrants have contributed to America’s many intellectual and cultural developments. With millions of undocumented immigrants’ crossing over borders in Mexico, the need for immigration reform has been clear; however, both Democrats and Republicans remain stagnated on how to address the problem. Even as immigration continues to rise in the United States, many agree that the government has done nothing to deal with the rising concerns that has come with immigration. Often overlooked in immigration policy is how restrictive immigration laws affect the everyday lives of immigrants’. America’s current immigration policy attempts to accomplish a number of goals that have collectively…show more content…
This reform must take a part in improving the productivity of the citizenship test. With the growing undocumented immigrant population in the United States, the naturalization test has only become more detached. An author for The Washington Monthly criticized the US Citizenship and Immigration Services citizenship test for missing the point by asking immigrants questions such as “[What is] the name of [Governor] Pete Wilson's wife [and] Who were the commanding generals at the Battle of Gettysburg?” (Aizenman 19). Although, these questions may seem relevant to someone who values history-denying citizenship for anyone who answers them incorrectly is wrong. Immigrants should be asked questions about the laws that they are asked to follow and should be encouraged to start businesses and purse the American Dream. The citizenship test also needs to be simpler, we are nation of immigrants and should not make it so difficult or immigrants to want to be earn American citizenship. Overall, the citizenship test is decentralized and needs a more standardized approach. Allowing for a more standardized approach to the citizenship test would help those immigrants who study very hard for the test would do very well instead of being overwhelmed by questions native born citizens are unaware of. Granted the fact that several illegal immigrations have successfully become a U.S. citizen through today’s naturalization test, immigration policy must still reform the structure of the test to achieve both efficiency and

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