Irish Immigration To America Book Review

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How did the Irish become White? Apparently by subjugating African Americans very violently in Noel Iganiev courageous book. When learning about immigration in America it is important to understand the injustice and discrimination that many of our ancestors face when landing in America. However in this case, being 25% Irish that I am, it was very troubling to read about how harsh the Irish were to other in America. First we must understand the history behind the Irish immigration to America, and Noel Iganiev meaning of the word "Whiteness" During the early-19th Century the Irish in Ireland were consider by many as revolutionary people. Determined to break free of England tyranny the Irish people were describe as impoverished, and agrarian. These same freedom-seekers who emigrated to the U.S. face a similar but different scenario. These Irish emigrates faced racial segregation and an industrial society based around capitalism. To overcome these barriers that the Irish faced, they decided to escape the bottom of poverty and become accepted in mainstream America, by aggressively allying themselves with the Democratic Party and promote…show more content…
Pretty much the Irish would fight whoever was in their was in the marketplace. Noel does mention in his book that these actions from the Irish does not make them more racist than any other group, that the actions taken by the Irish were necessary in the eyes of the Irish in order for the to gain respect among mainstream America. Noel Ignatiev also makes the point that Northern factories during this time period were flooded with immigrants competing for the low wages. Noel mentions that in a way the Irish became the capitalist hammer to pounded out of the factories the racial segregation and force African American out and into ghetto and

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