Comparing Deus Faber And Ex Nihilo

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Myths that are associated with cosmogony differ from all over the universe. There are various perspectives from cultures to professional mythologist who dedicate their own lives and purpose. These beliefs and feelings leave us to wonder and daydream the multiple unanswered questions on life and our creations. There’s no one true answer and there’s no wrong or hopeless one. We rely on cosmogonies and what cultures, today thrive and live by; it’s their truth that their emotions and minds are tied into. The beginning of the world and its creation of life leaves the mind to wonder and look inside other cultures eyes. According to Weigle’s nine types of cosmogonic myths, there are three types that bring forth interest and share resemblance and diversities.…show more content…
Deus Faber needed to create man more than once, and they used various materials to get the job done “The first men were fashioned out of clay” (Myth & Knowing) Page 41. Two additional attempts followed after the rain brought forth failure. Deus Faber was not successful as in Ex Nihilo’s creation, God created Adam (man) in one attempt “God then fashions Adam from the dust and breathes life into him” (Myth & Knowing) Page 43. The text also uses plural when references Deus Faber. There was only one man created first according to Ex Nihilo. Ex Nihilo’s type is referenced in the bible “Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth." (Genius 1:27). Deus Faber’s believes that men were too impeccable, the men were able to actually see into heaven like God, and were able to know of all things without shifting. In Sacrifice and Ex Nihilio, men are not equal with God. Adam and Eve were cast of out the Garden of Eden because they did not take heed and listen to their God. The beliefs differ from Deus Faber on equal of powers and ability. The men had the same capabilities of their God according to Deus Faber “But this time they are too perfect. They can see into heaven and everywhere in the world without moving and, like their…show more content…
I believe that God created heaven and earth; we were made in the image of God our father. These stories are all intertwined because history and creations repeat themselves at some point. It’s interesting how these three types all have something in common, but with stand their own identities. Ex Nihilo supports the supernatural belief because with God comes the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is what’s still here on the earth. It’s God’s gift to the world, since he is in Heaven awaiting his return (third coming). Ex Nihilo involves demons and angels, which are both supernatural beliefs. Sacrifice and Deus Faber involve some form of supernatural as well, to believe and maintain faith for example. Things that are natural are touchable, you can feel and visually see. I think that these cosmogonies started from within generations and our grandparents and earlier decedents. It’s the culture and different religions and practices individuals were taught coming up and being raised. Every culture and its beliefs are supernatural, because they can’t honestly be explained with facts. It’s hope that they all grasp and keep near to their

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