Immigration Argumentative Essay

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American’s can not make up their mind decisively on the issue of immigration and what to enforce on this issue.Although when there was hope for change , last November when President Obama announced broader initiatives to grant legal status to children and parents who are here without authorization has now turned to fear again instead of joy. Since the Republicans in Congress have announced that they plan to undo the president’s executive actions. So again the actions taken seem to remain the same, not legalizing immigrants. On the other hand, it is ironic how we are an immigrant country and have always been from the start. Yet we came to be a diverse nation, but yet again we do not accept immigrants now days and want to diminish them from our country.Way back in estimated 1800’s when the U.S. was discovered, to whom the land once belonged to Mexico and the Native Americans. Then whom it was gradually taken over by the Europeans because of their belief of manifest destiny. The belief “that God himself blessed the growth of the American nation.” Therefore we were all immigrants once, everyone has a history of immigration. So why do we find immigration as a crime now, if it was done since the beginning and we began it and encouraged it? Why do we accept the immigration of foreigners,but stereotype and focus more on a specific ethnicity for instance immigrants from Central America/ South America?…show more content…
Why? First of all America is a nation of immigrants. America wouldn’t be what it is today and prosper the way it has. It would simply not be possible without the generations of immigrants who have come to our borders from every branch of the globe. It is sympathetic to take a moment to reflect on the important contributions that generations of immigrants have bolster us build for our economy, and molding America the economic engine of the
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