Argumentative Essay On Gun Safety

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Thesis: Whether kept in the home or a place a child frequents often, it is important to teach children about gun safety to avoid mishaps. Children should be aware of guns and the possibility of guns being present in their environment. Every gun owner should be aware of the dangers of owning a gun as well as the benefits of protection that owning a gun may provide. This is especially true for a home that has children in it at any time but even more important if the gun is in the child’s home. The facts are very important because understanding them can mean the difference between a child being accidentally killed by a gun. Although most parents think their children do not know where they keep their gun, this could not be more wrong. The fact is that 8 out of 10 children in first grade can tell you exactly where their parents keep their guns (Hospital, 2015). Another myth is that a child can tell if…show more content…
There are 1500 child casualties as a result of gunshot wounds annually and this can be prevented with proper education and gun safety. With more than 22 million children in the United States living in a home that has guns, the safety of these children should always come first. The gun that is meant to protect your child could be the thing that makes your home unsafe if there are not preparations in place to ensure that the child is not one of the statistics in the future. Half of all the unintentional child shooting deaths occur in their home or a friend of a family member so it is equally important to make the child aware of gun safety in other homes even if a home does not have one in it. As a parent it is responsible to ask when bringing their child somewhere if there is a gun in the home. However careful a parent is though, there is always a chance for a mistake that could end up costing a child their life. Talking to children about guns and gun safety is the only way to attempt to prevent fatal tragedies in the word (Hospital,

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