How To Respond To Conflict Essay

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Conflict always seems to make it into everyone’s lives.Knowing how to deal with it is imperative to people’s daily lives.The best way to deal with conflict is to be positive. Even though it takes time and practice to master the ways of optimism, it is worth in in the long shot. However, some people argue that being positive all the time is too hard and not beneficial. But in “Dear Miss Breed” and “A Diary Of a Young Girl”, two young girls stay optimistic even when they are in unimaginably horrible situations. Being optimistic is the best way to respond to conflict because it provides health benefits and positively impacts others which leads to changes for the better. Having a positive outlook on life gives people many health benefits. A few…show more content…
For example, “ Having a cheery disposition can influence more than just your mood. People who are optimistic are more committed to their goals, are more successful in achieving their goals, are more satisfied with their lives, and have better mental and physical health when compared to more pessimistic people”( Mercury).Optimism helps people with their goals in life leading them to success. They are often happier with their lives and overall feel good about themselves.A way to be positive is to keep an open mind with unideal situations, and also to keep a good attitude during a bad day (Mercury).An optimistic person hopes for the best rather than dreading the outcome. They are constantly looking for the glass half full rather than half empty. In addition, Louise keeps positive during her internment, “‘In spite of all the difficulties, Louise's positive and patriotic spirit rings true in these final words of her letter: “If American soldiers can endure hardships so can we”’(Oppenheim). Being positive allowed Louise to look at her terrible outcome in a new light. Instead of dreading her life, she stayed optimistic and got through the tough times of internment. To summarize, being positive provides many changes to people for the
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