Narrative Essay On 9/11

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I heard loud planes fly by and the sound of bombs dropping, and then exploding. I could hear screams and other horrible sounds, the sounds kept getting closer and closer, until just a few blocks down I heard a bomb drop. The bomb blew part of our roof off. “Get into the basement!” I heard my Dad yell to Monte and I. We quickly ran into the basement just before the remaining part of the roof collapsed. My family and I had nothing to do but listen and wait for a time we could try and get out of the basement and see what damage had been done. Later on in the day, I was lying on the floor and I looked over to the side of me to see my sleeping brother. “I can’t believe Monte can sleep through this,” Dad said to me. I saw Monte open his eyes before I could…show more content…
“I forgot the flashlight,” Monte said. “Really, dumby, I told you to grab it,” I said. I didn’t let him reply before I dashed down the stairs to get the flashlight. I was just about to grab the flashlight when I heard strange buzzing sounds followed by gunshots then screams. I thought of what I should do for a minute and then decided to go up the stairs and see what had happened. I stepped out of the basement and then heard that same sound. I ran over to where I heard the noises, but what I found was not pretty. I saw people who looked like soldiers; they had just stunned a little girl and then shot her. They left her on the street and then just kept walking I was wondering in my mind, trying to make sense of what just happened. I was still looking at what was unfolding when I heard another zapping sound. I turned around and saw Monte, on the floor, unable to move. I looked behind him and saw one of the soldier men that had just killed the little “Sister, someone took Dad!” Monte said. I was confused, and scared I wanted to start crying. “Monte, you’ve got to move! What the heck is happening?” I ranted on to

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