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Javon Jones Karen L. Sanders Freshman English I 20 September 2015 The Contrast of Two Dystopic Worlds The Hunger Games and the Divergent series are some of the best written fiction book this century. Diving into a society that seems so far from our imagination without realizing that we are approaching its doorstep today. Exploring both books and comparing and contrasting them will give us a clear and concise understanding about these two societies, the protagonists, and the authors. In the Hunger Games every year there is a reaping. It is more of an memorial of those who have fallen that attempted to defy the Capitol. In this society, things are sadistic and aimed for entertainment, hence the nation's motto, "Panem et circenses" which literally translates as bread and circus. The reap is a great opportunity for the Capitol so they can monitor the population. In the world of Divergent based on a dystopic society where the population is divided into five personal traits, things are a lot less harsher and the idea is to play a role in society. The choosing ceremony has sixteen year olds choose a faction of their liking…show more content…
Authors Suzanne Collin and Veronica Roth drew something from their personal lives that affected them in a profound manner. What drew Susan Collins to science fiction was that it allowed her to bring up events that bothers her in today's time. Subjects such as vast disparity of affluence, the power of media, and the method of influencing the public's eyes not to mention the abuse of power of the government. The most important subject by Suzanne Collins is war. She has a military background through her father being in the Air Force. Her father would tell her and her siblings about war and about being on the battlefield. How she came up with the idea of the Hunger Games being a war-like reality show is that she found the idea of seeing being humiliated disturbing. She states that it desensitizes the

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