Big Brother Simulation Analysis

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Big Brother Simulation Reflection This activity has humbled me and has given me an opportunity to understand the true struggle of the common man who lives under the sole rule of a psychotic dictator. This simulation has helped me understand the value of freedom and the lengths that others would go to to try and obtain their freedom. During this task, I realized that I didn’t really try to rebel, but spent most of my time trying to follow all of the rules due to the fear of being called out during the infraction callings. Most of my “comrades” were more paranoid that they will be stalked by the Thought Police and I believe that this is what made Big Brother successful. He made everyone think that they were being stalked by the government and so they were afraid to commit a…show more content…
The simulation affected my behaviour because I too, like the other members of the Outer Party, was paranoid of being stalked by the Thought Police. During the day, I was much more focused on obeying the laws and was very conscious of my surroundings. I attempted to make sure i did not commit any “crimes” but I did have a lot of mistakes. Every time I committed a crime or infraction, I wrote down a tally mark to emphasize the fact that I disobeyed a law set by the teacher. From the beginning of the event, I have not yet been called for an infraction by the teacher during the two minutes of hate. I believe that my classmates talk to me with more of a cautious and reproaching way because they did not know if I was a Thought Police or not and so they did not want to break a rule in front of me. This affected my privacy because it gave all of my conversations and other communication methods to the hands of an adult without my permission and the school was judging me because I was either following the rules or was not.This affected my sense of power because I felt like I was being controlled by an outside force as if I was a

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