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TYLOR SCHROEDER Liebl 10A, Hour 2 Expository Essay 1, Oct, 2015 Big Gobblers It was a crisp, gloomy Saturday morning. This was not any ordinary morning. It was opening morning of turkey hunting and my friend Gunnar was taking me out for the first time. We had just gotten out of bed and were walking out to the hunting spot. There was rain falling from the sky and hitting us in the face like little BB’s. It was a great feeling and I could not be any more excited. We just started setting up our blind and we walked out and set up decoys. As soon as we sat down we had action. Except they were not turkeys, they were a couple of deer. They came in really slow and in no hurry to leave. Just like that their tails shot up like great big white flags and they then took off. It took a matter of seconds and they disappeared into the great big thicket in front of us. The next 20 minutes was full of pure excitement. We had been sitting for maybe five minutes and we heard the turkey come flying out of the roost. Gunnar then started calling the turkey. Right away we had a hen answer us. He kept mimicking the hen and you could tell she was getting very upset with him. Just as we thought they were getting…show more content…
It seemed like every time we looked up the was complete emptiness outside the blind. Just as I was about to look up for what felt like the hundredth time Gunnar said “shred, shred don’t move.” I instantly stopped and it felt like the world had to. I slowly looked in his direction and there it was. It was the hen we were mimicking and she was looking inside our blind. I slowly grabbed my gun assuming that there was a big tom hot on her trail. She just sat at an endless stare right at our blind just sitting there. Then, she slowly and steadily she walked up to our decoys and looked and them. She was investigating to see what they

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