How Is The Egypt Revolution Different From The American Revolution

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After the 16th century the world experienced many revolutions, but the most recent revolution that has similarities with the American Revolution was the Egypt revolution. This revolution happened in January, 25 of 2011 and ended in February, 11 of 2011. This was a very short revolution with about two weeks and three days of duration, but the main aspects in that revolution was very similar to the American Revolution. In the Egypt Revolution and American Revolution, the population wanted a new way of government. In both Revolutions the population was tired of the abusive control of the government in people’s lives. Americans were tired of the monarchy controlling their country. And Egyptians were tired of their president, who was Mubarak and was in power for 30 years.…show more content…
In the Egypt Revolution, Mubarak prohibits the free speech, tortured, put in jail his population, and suppressed the election to remain in power. Both were extremely authoritarians and controlled all social aspects of the population. There were two violent situations that were very similar in both Revolutions and leaded to the war, in The American Revolution there was the Boston Massacre, which was when the kings army killed five males civilians and hurtled another six. This promoted unrest among the population and trigged the Revolution. In Egypt, the government used the police to brutally suppress the population gathering in the streets. The spreading effect of the social medial had an important role in the Egypt

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