Harriet Tubman As A Role Model

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Harriet Tubman was an African-American woman born in Dorchester County, Maryland around 1920. She was originally named Araminta Harriet Ross, cleverly nicknamed “Minty.” Harriet is known today for her extreme bravery. She improved the quality of many lives, but should she be considered a hero for her infamous feats? Her actions as an adolescent, in the underground railroad, and even the way she is remembered today prove that she is not only a hero, but a role model. Araminta’s parents Harriet and Benjamin Ross were slaves. Laws indicated that children inherited their mother’s status. Therefore, their daughter would be born into slavery. Harriet’s mother and father were owned by Mary Pattison Brodess and her husband Anthony Thompson. Harriet…show more content…
“Any union between a slave and a free black was not legal marriage but an informal arrangement. A slave‘s master could choose to honor or ignore the couple‘s commitement, rendering such unions inherently unstable. The sale of a slave spouse might throw the entire relationship into limbo. Thus slaves who chose a life partner, whether a free black or another slave, constantly confronted fears not only that their marriage might be shattered through sale, but that they might lose contact with their children as well.”(3) John knew the consequences of marrying an enslaved woman. He knew that any children Harriet gave birth too, would be born into slavery. The absence of a child may have formed a wedge in their relationship. Harriet sought to move North, but her husband disagreed. In 1849, Harriet decided that her freedom was most important no matter how much it hurt to leave her spouse and family behind. Now in her late 20’s Harriet fled to Pennsylvania. She did not simply run away, never to return. She was eager to help her loved ones escape and so made trips back to the South to assist an abundance of slaves to

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