Miep Gies: A Diary Of Anne Frank

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To begin with, in the article “Woman who helped Anne Frank died at 100” they talk about a hero whom name is Miep Gies. Gies helped a Jewish family escape a terrifying event which was the holocaust. Miep didn’t care that the family was jewish she did what she thought was right. She said that she would regret if she wouldn’t of helped this family just like she said in this quote. “ I, myself, I’m just a very common person. I simply had no choice. I could foresee many, many sleepless nights and a life filled with regret if I would have refused to help the Franks.” - (Teri Schultz ,National Public Radio 2010). Also, Gies kept Anne’s diary that kept basically her life & her secrest or whatever happened around her in the holocaust. Gies kept the diary so that one day she could give it to Anne so she can tell the story of what…show more content…
“The diary of Anne Frank is a legacy Miep Gies gave not just to Otto Frank, but to the world. It’s been translated into some 65 languages and remains one of the best read books internationally.” -(Teri Schultz ,National Public Radio 2010). This means that Anne’s Diary got published when they gave it to Otto Frank. To add on, “Yet, she risked her life many times over to help the Frank family during the two years they hid from the Nazis in a secret annex”- (Teri Schultz ,National Public Radio 2010). This family hid from the Nazis for 2 years they just stayed in that annex while Miep tried several times to get them out, but she failed. In addition, in the passage “The story of Ida B. Wells.” they talk & describe the story of Ida B. Wells it’s somehow a short biography about Wells. Wells now only freed herself from slavery, but was brave enough to go back & rescue her people. Everyone should know that in the past people of color were segregated &

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