Women In Beowulf

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In Beowulf there are many different characteristics that the women of this age old epic share. Welthow, king Hrothgar's wife, she is known as the women who basically stands tall next to her husband, soft spoken and is submissive to the man. The typical role of what men want a women to be. It also says that she stands by and helps pass out drinks to the warriors I believe that she did more than this. In my opinion I feel that she was noble, willing to serve others, without being walked all over, she was motherly like and responsible, honest and loyal to her kingdom. She must have had some sort of big role within the kingdom because I feel that back when this epic was created women were belittled by men at this point. I doubt she was quiet, spoke…show more content…
Beowulf hurt him and she was upset by it that she would do anything to get him back. She fought him underwater, in her home, with all that she had to help her son have “justice.” This is an example of most moms in today's society. My mom would probably kill someone if they hurt me badly enough. Or she would go to great lengths to make things right again. Grendel's mom is very strong and powerful much like us. Without women, man is nothing. In a world made for men, women really rule the world. What we say goes and if a man, such as Beowulf, thinks that he's going to argue about what we feel is right, he's crazy. We will fight for what we believe in, even if it is wrong. Some of the most important people in history have been just like Grendel's mom, powerful. Rosa Parks sat in her seat and wouldn't move =until the police came to get her, POWER . The women who protested during the woman's suffrage movement POWER Condolezza Rice, the first African American secretary of state, for instance, I'm sure many people told her she'd never make and she did. She fought so hard to get there. Just like Grendel's mom she was very powerful and empowering. Many women also strong, in more ways than physical

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