Compare And Contrast Khufu And Greek Parthenon

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The Khufu’s pyramid and the Greek Parthenon are diverse, yet alike great architecture of all time. Egyptian Architecture and its purpose: The pyramid of Gizeh also known as the Khufu’s pyramid is the 4th dynasty pharaohs of the old kingdom, the geometric structures took shape and was constructed between “2600 and 2500 B.C.E” (Fiero) The Greek Parthenon of Athens: A place of worship for the goddess. The most memorable monumental architecture of Greece would have to be the Parthenon of Athens, which began construction in 449BCE and finished in 432 BCE. The whole building was constructed of 70,000 blocks of marble. The Khufu’s pyramid was built to ensure that pharaohs enjoy their afterlife and also in order to protect them from robberies.…show more content…
If Athena had not rein, the Parthenon might have not have enclose some of its splendor, because the natives, architects, and builders may not have put their best effort to ensure that the Parthenon was built to please Athena, because they believe that there will be a reward for them. The statue that once stood would most likely never have been built in her honor, Athens’ name wouldn’t have been derived from “Athena”, and the Parthenon perhaps might have been dedicated to her, nor would the statues beautifying the roof of the Parthenon showing Greek mythology and adoring it. While for the Pyramid, the belief of afterlife was most likely influenced by religion and the gods Ubaste, Ra and the Pharaoh could have had a completely different grave, and much less outstanding. “The evolutions of pyramids must have boost then, or else the Pharaoh may not have selected the same style of architecture” (Haines) definitely not one that would obtain so much time and money, and because on the Pyramid there are symbols and caption carved on the stone of gods performing effects and stories carved on the rock. Both buildings were made of limestone and by ancient civilizations, and both were once rich in many natural resources. They both rich in history, culture and for their…show more content…
Every drop of sweat that dropped on every builder’s brows was worth it. Greece and Egypt were exceptionally innovative nations, the costs to build these constructions was mind-blowing, the architecture was amazing, and the way that men, without any instruments or tools of our days , were able to build these astonishing masterpiece. The Parthenon and the Great Pyramid of Giza are marvelous structures, and are similar in some things, yet so different in others. Am so astonished by how the Greek people valued their religion and thought of building the “Greek Parthenon” in order for people to worship and praise their

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