Monsters In Beowulf

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In this epic poem the great warrior Beowulf, defeats several monsters throughout his journey and each one of them brings him a new difficult challenge. One of the monsters is a beast named Grendel, another is Grendel’s mother and his last monster a fierce fire breathing dragon. For his first battle he is called upon by king Hrothgar, king of the Danes. There is a ferocious monster whose name is Grendel. Grendel terrorizes king Hrothgar’s people sneaking into his mead hall killing them. So since Grendel come when they have parties Beowulf uses that to lure Grendel to the hall so Beowulf can kill him. Grendel comes again not expecting them to be ready for his arrival. Beowulf begins to fight Grendel and as he is fighting him Beowulf’s men try to help him but there weapons have no effect on Grendel’s skin. Grendel realizes Beowulf is much stronger than the other men and Beowulf cuts Grendel’s arm off. I guess in a way Grendel’s arm is a trophy for killing the beast who he promised to kill and made there people feel safe again, so people see him as a hero for saving them from a monster who could have killed them one day. He hung his trophy on a rafter in Hrothgar’s hall to show that he killed it…show more content…
As soon as he got there Grendel’s mother attacked Beowulf with great strength and they begin to fight. He slices her with his blade but since she has a curse on her skin she is not affected by his blade. As he fights on using his fists Grendel’s mother gets him down and tries to stab him with her dagger but she could not penetrate his chain mail armor. Beowulf spots a sword made by thr giants no regular man could pick up, which he uses to decapitate her and then also cuts Grendel’s head off even though he is dead already, but another accomplishment for Beowulf killing the two beasts from

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