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Kevin Tran Catherine Berkenfield English 101 – English Composition 1 13 October 2014 The Definition of “Work” in Diego Rivera’s Paintings Diego Rivera was a Mexican painter born in the late 19th century. He was educated about frescoes in Italy (focusing on Italian Renaissance frescoes specifically). He became famous when he took part of the mural program in Mexico and drew fine murals in various places. So with his involvement of this intense project, Diego Rivera’s paintings can be considered influential to his audience. He also implemented intense meanings to whenever he draws. Just like what Diego Rivera once said, “Every good composition is above all a work of abstraction.” Looking at two of his paintings, “Detroit Industry” and “Mixtec…show more content…
Diego’s “Mixtec Metal Workers” is one of those paintings. This painting appears to depict the indigenous Mixtec people illustrated in dark and bright colors. In this painting, there are nine people in a dark undisclosed location with fire and the ambiguous yellow metal lightening up the room. Eight of these workers appear to be poor due to their limited and worn clothing. The majority also looks like they had a history of working intensely. The boy in the lower right of the picture is holding a bowl. Then to the right (in his perspective), two women and a child are tending a pot of fire to help melt the yellow metal. Then next to them is a man who is using a mallet to shape the metal. Behind these people are four more people. The one on the upper left of the picture is a man pouring the molten metal into a mold. To the left (in his perspective), is another man hammering and shaping the gold, and the man next to him appears to be assembling the gold precisely. Each of them is doing some type of work that is related to metal (metal appears to be gold, brass, or some other metal that is yellow). But right next to him (and a little behind him) is a woman. She appears…show more content…
Let’s start off with “Mixtec Metal Workers.” This painting has shown many notions towards the definition of work. In the painting the women, child and men are laborers who appear to work very hard. It seems that there is no arguing between the workers and that they are focused on their activity towards a goal, even if they are poor. Thinking about Mixtec culture or any culture, there are many types of skill-requiring labor. This jewelry making is one of those very intricate works. The people who are blowing the fire are brave and appear to be brave about being near an element that can cause death. The people who are hammering, shaping, molding, and assembling the jewelry are working cautiously. This shows that they all have some sort of passion as they work because of their behavior when they work. Also with the use of males, females, adults, and a child, it signifies that the meaning of work does not limit people of their qualities and that it applies to everyone. Then there is a woman in the back who appears to be the boss and gleams over the workers. The workers appear to ignore her and thus tell viewers another meaning. That work is a definition not dependent on one’s background. The woman who is not working may be physically relaxed, but mentally unhappy due to her facial expression and lack of work. Thus with this passion and their lack of apparent complaints, they show that they

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