Religion In Odysseus's Journey Home

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“In the beginning, there was no earth or seas or sky. There was only a mass of confusion in darkness, called Chaos.” (Mother Earth and Her Children) According to Greek mythology there was nothing in the beginning. Then Gaea, or Mother Earth, was born, along with Uranus, Father Heaven. (Low 3) This story is a myth created and told by the Ancient Greeks. Greek mythology is stories that were created by the Ancient Greeks to explain the world they lived in. These myths were also about the gods and goddesses and the heroes they believed in. The gods and goddesses in whom the Ancient Greeks believed in had their own roles in the world and were seen as patrons of cities, warriors, protectors, and much more. Religion in Ancient Greece was very important…show more content…
Throughout his journey home, Odysseus’s men are drugged and transformed into pigs by the goddess Circe (Homer 131), Odysseus is held captive by the goddess Calypso (Homer 168), and while Odysseus is traveling back to Ithaca, Poseidon sends his vengeance towards Odysseus in the form of violent storms that prevent his journey home. (Homer 72, 173) All of the while, Athena continually helps Odysseus by guiding him towards home safety and giving him strength in times of need and by helping Telemachus, Odysseus’s son. Athena persuades Telemachus to travel away from Ithaca in search for information about his father and then later warns him about the suitors plan to ambush him when he returns home. (Homer 10, 195) Lastly towards the end of the Odyssey in book twenty-two, Athena aids Odysseus in reclaiming his home by giving him strength and safety in the battle against the suitors. “…Athene did not yet grant him decisive victory, but continued to put strength and courage of both Odysseus and his noble son to the test…The six did as he ordered and threw with all their might. But Athene made the whole volley miss.” (Homer 294) Athena used her power to intervene in the battle to aid Odysseus to win his home

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