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Introduction: I will be showing the class how to fold a paper crane from just a piece of paper. Today, I will be demonstrating how to get a perfectly shaped piece of paper to fold a crane, how to form the base for the crane, as well as the base for many other origami pieces, and how to put on the finishing touches to finally make the paper look like an actual crane. At the end of this presentation, I want the class to know some of the basics of origami and be more interested in something that has helped me relieve a lot of my boredom over the years. Origami is an incredible art form that anyone, anywhere can do anytime. Body: I. The first step to successfully make a paper crane is to have a good square piece of paper, which you can either…show more content…
To make the sides just the right length, you can start off with a piece of binder or printer paper. 1. The type of paper is only slightly relevant. a. Printer paper may be sturdier as it is often thicker than binder paper. b. Binder paper, on the other hand, is much more flexible and easier to fold. B. Take one corner of the paper and pull it to the other side of the paper such that you have a triangular shape at the top and a rectangular strip at the bottom. 1. Make sure that you are precise because if this part is messed up, then the whole crane will be slightly off. C. Fold the rectangular strip up towards the tip of the triangle, making sure that when you unfold the triangle and the rectangle, you have a square with a diagonal going through it and a rectangle on the bottom. 1. Apply extra pressure to this fold as this will help with the next step. 2. You can also fold it back and forth to help. D. Slowly rip off the rectangular strip of paper. You should be left with a nice square piece. Now that you have your paper, you have to move onto the next step of completing the base for the paper crane. II. The base for an origami piece is often a simple set of folds that will eventually lead to a finished…show more content…
If you used letter sized paper to make your square, you should already have a diagonal. C. Holding your new triangle so that the right angle of the triangle faces the bottom, take the right corner and pull that towards the right angle from the inside. Repeat the same for the other side. 1. You should use the lines that we made earlier to help guide the flap. 2. This step gets much easier with practice. D. Keeping the same orientation, take one of the new flaps and fold it towards the middle. Repeat with the other side. After, fold the top down so that you have something that resembles the Superman symbol. Flip over and repeat on the other side. 1. The flap should be folded just so that the edge touches the middle of the square. 2. You can fold the middle so that you can have a clear line to see when you fold. E. Starting from the squares, take the bottom most corner and pull that towards the top of the square, making sure that you only take the topmost layer of the square. 1. Press down when you see a perfect kite shape, using the previous folds as the lines to press down on. 2. Repeat on the other side. We just finished folding the base of our paper crane and now we must put the final touches on it so that this piece of paper finally transforms into a

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