Explain Potential Barriers To Effective Communication

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Potential barriers to effective communication: Barriers to effective communication are obstacle’s that affect the listener’s understanding of what the speaker is talking about. General Communication Barriers: Technology: Whilst using technology, ‘Sally’s Solutions’ could face a number of barriers preventing effective communication. This could ultimately lead to poorly locating jobs for clients in the I.T industry. Hardware and Software: One potential barrier to effective communication for “Sally’s Solutions” could be a problem with computers software. For example a computers software may not be functioning properly, or the computers software may be out of date, making it not possible to communicate with others who have the updated version of the software. Furthermore computers hardware may…show more content…
In addition parts of the information may be misinterpreted confusing or delivering the wrong message to the reader. Therefore this can cause poor communication between employees and clients at ‘Sally’s Solutions’. How to overcome this barrier: A way to overcome this written communication barrier is for all information to be proof read by other individuals and to use spell check of the text. Resulting in no errors being made. Ineligible Handwriting: If an individual’s handwriting was poor, the reader of the information may not be able to understand the sentences, resulting in the message not being received. For example if an employee sent a written letter to a client at ‘Sally’s Solutions’ and the client could not understand the message, this would result in the client being unable to follow the message and could lead to a great deal of confusion and a waste in time trying the re-contact the employee. How to overcome this
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