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The Resistance of the Holocaust The time between 1933 and 1945 was a time that became known as the Holocaust. It was rough for not only the Jews, but non- Jews as well. A man, known as Adolf Hitler, was a German leader who despised the Jews with a passion. He had made it his personal goal to exterminate all of the Jews. In the end, Hitler had brutally murdered six million Jews and five million others. Even though it may not seem like it, both Jews as well as some non-Jews resisted the Nazi’s reign. Some people say that their resistance was a waste of time. Others say that the resistances were effective. Even though many died from resisting the Holocaust, their actions were still effective. The resistance was sufficient in spreading the word around about the destruction of the Jews. To some Jews, showing resistance was trying to escape to help others. While…show more content…
According to an online article called ‘Holocaust Resistance: Jewish Resistance to the Nazi Genocide’, “few Jews carried out active resistance from fear of reprisals”. People say that because few Jews used physical resistance, that all the other attempts were useless. The resistances were in fact effective. Some Jews decided to sabotage the Nazis by damaging products they used for the war effort. This gave the workers personal satisfaction of the belief that they were stalling the German war effort. “Though the actual effects of this sabotage on the Nazi war effort cannot be measured, its effect on the morale of the workers was strong” (‘Resistance During the Holocaust’ PDF). Not only did the sabotages stall the Nazis, it also strengthened the hope and dignity of the Jews. “To raise the spirits of prisoners and give hope for eventual escape or liberation, the resisters traded newspapers, battle maps, and war information. They also held secret political meetings to share news and information about the camp” (‘Resistance During the

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