How Does Weather Affect The Weather

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We discuss the weather here in Ireland a lot, discussing that it might rain, or having a broad and in-depth conversation. Saying something like this “it’s supposed to hold out until the weekend” or “it cold today, but it will pick up for the weekend” are some of the discussing we have. We know our weather is influenced and formed by the Atlantic Ocean. It is changeable, with no high temperature that other countries have. Our weather is, unpredictable but not extreme weather. A typical forecast, we see on television or heard on the radio be cloudy; rain with the occasional sunny spell covers everything. This leads to my problem of getting the washing dry with this somewhat forecast. • I ask myself will the rain clear or will I wait until tomorrow to do the washing. • It may dry in a day or two or will I have wet clothes about the house trying to dry them over week. • The dryer is an expensive appliance to use, and it also destroys the clothes. Use it in emergencies only. Which runs to another question, can I wait…show more content…
It was at that moment though if I can move this clothesline into the shed. Most of the clothes would still be dry and I can leave them there until the heavy rain passes. I could bring out the clothesline when the weather picked up and moved it back into the shed if it rained again. I know that there is many Divergent Thinking Methods to help find solutions to my problem, I will use the Kipling method of Divergent Thinking. I find this method will help me the best with defining the problem, get more ideas and see different views of my problem. What is the problem? To dry the children’s clothes for school and all their sports gear and our own clothes. This is not too often possible as it rains a lot. Where is it happening? It is happening in my home and homes thought-out this country because of the unpredictable weather in

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