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Pre-AP Geography Name: Charlie Dover “Weather Gone Wild” Period: 7 Due Date: 9/29 Source: National Geographic Magazine, Sept 2012 Author: Peter Miller Answer all parts of the following questions in THOROUGH, COMPLETE SENTENCES. (inc.-20points) 1. After reading about the Nashville flood, evaluate which scenario best described the dire situation that the city was in. Explain why you think this was such an effective description. The description of the theatre was the most shocking for me. Seven feet is one and a half of my height. And thats sitting so add another foot of water for the height of the chair. That’s about eight feet of water, and thats covering the entire building. That place can seat 4,400 people, and about a quater of those seat are underwater. Imagine that concert. 2. Compare and contrast the climate cycles of El Nino and La Nina.…show more content…
Heat and water vapor from the warm pool create thunderstorms. The storm’s influence streches out of the tropics to the jet streams that blow across the middle latitudes. As the warm pool ,oves back and forth along the Equator, the paths of the jet streams move north and south—which changes the paths that storms follow across the continents. An El Niño tends to move storms over the southern U.S. and Peru while visiting drought and fire on Australia. In a La Niña, the rains flood Australia and f in the American Southwest and Texas—and in even more distant places like East

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