Northern Spotted Owl Hypothesis

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Cassie McKenzie IB Bio Period 2 Introduction: The northern spotted owl , or the Strix occidentalis caurinais, are one of three subspecies of spotted owl that lives in old growth forests among North America. The owl is a medium-sized and is brown in color with round spots on it’s head, neck, and back.The northern spotted owl’s flight feathers are dark brown mixed with light brown or white. Northern spotted owls are nocturnal hunters. Their diet consists of wood rats, mice, flying squirrels, and other small rodents. They may also eat insects, reptiles, and birds. Northern spotted owls are found in old growth forests in northern California and the Pacific Northwest of the United States, as well as in southern parts of British Columbia and…show more content…
Materials: Tape Recordings of a spotted owl from the Regional Offices of the USDA Forest Service in Oregon and California One other person Procedure: Select a network of roads and trails that allows complete coverage of the area Drive or walk the roads and trails at night, stopping to imitate spotted owl calls at frequent intervals.Call from one spot for several minutes, then drive 0.2 to 0.5 mi before stopping to call again. Use the “leapfrog” method; one-caller proceeds on foot along a road while the other drives ahead about 0.5 mi Both callers walk in the same direction along the road, imitating spotted owl calls. take note of pairs that call back or are seen survey the area two or three times in one summer repeat the survey two summers in a row Note: Complete coverage of an area means that the imitated calls can be heard from every spot within the survey area at least once during the survey. For an accurate estimate of the number of pairs, surveying an area multiple times is necessary. If a survey is repeated two or three times in one summer without showing any additional pairs, it is safe to conclude that all the pairs in the survey area have been

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